What it Takes to Be a Good Homeowner

Have you recently experienced the joy of moving into your own home for the first time? Congratulations. You have every right to feel good, it is a great achievement and one of those important milestones in life.

Good Homeowner

Buying a home is an investment. One that, when the time is right, you may be able to reap the benefits of when it comes to selling it. Even if the last thing on your mind is increasing the value of your property, you will still want to look after your investment.

That means being a good and contentious homeowner. Even if you have a good head on your shoulders and have a lot of common sense, you may not know the ins and outs of what it takes to be a good and contentious homeowner.

Don’t worry though, as that is why we set up this website. To give you a helping hand, in this post we are going to discuss what it takes to be a good homeowner.

Cleaning the Interior

One of the most important things you need to do if you want to be a good homeowner and ensure that your property stays in good condition for many years to come is to have a cleaning schedule in place and sticking to it. Although it will depend on the other responsibilities in your life, like family and work commitments, for instance, you should be able to make time every day to do some cleaning.

Now household chores like washing up the dishes and vacuuming carpets (or sweeping the floors, if you don’t have carpets) are the kind of jobs you may want to do every day. Whereas others you may not need to do them as frequently. You could make it a goal to arrange your schedule so that over a week while keeping on top of the daily tasks, you completely clean your home.

If you really can’t figure out a schedule that works with your current lifestyle, then it may be worth thinking about hiring a cleaner. Yes, it is another expense you will have to factor into your weekly or monthly budget but will enable you to look after your investment better.

Pest Control

Having uninvited guests in your home is never a pleasant experience and can really put a dampener on this new stage in your life. Pest control is often something that people don’t think or worry about until they have actually had pests in their homes that they need to get rid of. The best time to start thinking about and planning is before you have a problem. Preventative pest control is ultimately less expensive and more effective than pest removal.

In many ways, this goes hand-in-hand with the above point about cleaning, because an untidy, and unclean home is the perfect habitat for a multitude of pests. However, you need to do more than just keep your home tidy and clean, as pests can also be attracted to issues like dripping taps or any leaks there may be around your home.

You may not always be able to stop pests trying to become your new roommates. Rather than trying or take on the job of getting rid of them yourself, if you think you have a serious pest issue, it’s always best to rely on the services of professionals. They have the experience, expertise, and access to better products and tools.

Interior Maintenance and Repairs

As well as cleaning, even if you have a new build home, there are also other maintenance and repairs jobs you need to stay on top of if you want to be a good homeowner. Just as it’s important to keep things clean to get the best lifespan out of them, it is also crucial you make sure they are in the best condition possible. Things like making sure the sealant around windows and door frames is still doing its job and that any condensation and damp is dealt with before it becomes a serious issue.

Everyone has different ways of tackling these kinds of jobs, but often the best way is to have some kind of schedule in place. Much like with cleaning, there are maintenance jobs you will want to do more regularly than others. Consistency is the key.

Decorating and Renovation/Remodeling

Unless you have the budget to have the home of your dreams built, it’s quite common to redecorate or carry out renovation and upgrades so that it meets your own personal needs and taste.

If your kitchen is dated and doesn’t have the benefit of all the mod cons, you may want to remodel and renovate to modernize it.

Even if you had work done when or just before you moved in, if you are intending on living in the same house for a long time, there will be decorating and renovation work you may want to carry out. Tastes change, after all, and it can be nice every couple of years even just topping up the paintwork around your home to freshen it and give it a new lease of life, even if you don’t want to make any drastic changes to the color scheme or décor.

As your family grows and changes, you may also need to decorate or renovate to accommodate those changes. For instance, if you moved into the property as a newly married couple without any kids, you may have to child-proof it when you start trying for children or fall pregnant.

Cleaning the Exterior, Landscaping and Gardening

Being a good homeowner means that you not only take good care of the interior of the property, considering the points we have already covered, but that you also take good care of the exterior. That includes taking care of any gardening and landscaping work.

If you have a lawn or intend on creating one, it’s part of your responsibility as a good homeowner to make sure that the lawn is kept neat and tidy with regular mowing, particularly during spring and summer. A badly maintained lawn that hasn’t been cut regularly looks untidy and can make your whole property, at least from the outside, look bad because of it.

Just as it is important with the interior of your house, you need to make sure the exterior is tidy and clean. As well as ensuring your garden and yard are safe and hygienic, keeping those areas clean and tidy will also prevent pests from becoming a problem.

In addition to the general yard work and lawnmowing, if you have trees on and around your property, you have a special responsibility to look after them properly. When dealing with trees that are taller than you, it is almost always a good idea to leave it to the professionals. As a general rule of thumb, even if you are an enthusiastic DIYer, if a ladder is required, then you need an arborist or tree surgeon.

Exterior Upgrades and Extensions

As we’ve already considered, it is quite possible that when you bought your home, although you are happy with the investment, there may be things that need to be modernized or just improved. It’s not just on the interior you should be interested in doing this, as you need to pay close attention to the exterior.

Take the windows for instance. How long ago was it that they were installed? Are they double glazing and stormproof? Do they provide the optimum level of protection and security for you, your household, and your personal belongings? These are important questions to consider.

Then, think about your roof. Again, when was it installed? Is it showing any signs of deteriorating or not fulfilling its role property? The best time to deal with your windows, doors, and roof is before there is a major problem.

Exterior Upgrades and Extensions

Just as you may want to make upgrades to the interior to accommodate changes in your family, you may also want to make upgrades to the exterior and structure of the property. If the space around your home and your budget allow for it, you may want or need to build an extension. Whether this takes the form of an additional room or wing of the house, a new garage, or a conservatory/sunroom, will depend of course on your own unique needs and tastes, but it is important to think about these things.


Buying and owning your own home is definitely something you should be proud of and celebrate. However, with the ownership of a house, comes the responsibility of looking after it. No one else is, are they? As we said, buying a home is an investment. As is the case with any investment, you need to look after it.

The intention of this blog post was not to stress you out or leave you worrying constantly about the condition of your home. Rather, it was to help you learn what it takes to be a good homeowner and put plans in place to become one.

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