Tips For An Ideal Front Door

The color of your entrance door should not be chosen haphazardly. After all, when someone comes to your house, it is usually the focal point. The entrance should act as a friendly beacon to welcome visitors. Although you are free to color your front door whatever color you desire, there are a few factors to take into account when choosing a hue. Depending on your vision, you can use these suggestions for choosing a front door color that creates an impression of it, complements a design theme, or defies convention. Additionally, painting a weathered front door is a quick weekend update that will significantly improve curb appeal if you reside in an older house. To choose the ideal front door color, abide by these some dos and don’ts.

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Dos In Choosing Color For Your Front Door

Buy the Proper Paint

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Exterior paints for doors are available in a variety of finishes, including matte, semi-gloss, and glossy. If your door is made of metal, look for one that has rust protection built in. Know that no matter what you choose, you will need to apply an exterior primer to the door.

Complement Home Design Style

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The general design of your house can influence the color of your front door. This home gives tribute to its contemporary appearance with a strong, unexpected color. But do not be hesitant to flout the laws. An ordinary hue can give character and life to a historic facade. The key is to make it stand out from the trim, windows, and other exterior elements but at the same time not overpowering the entirety of your home’s color.

Use the Classic

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For a timeless look, choose a neutral color such as brown, black, or gray. Deep reds and blues are classic neutral front door colors. Instead of painting your door, another neutral option is to stain it.

Refer to Earth Tones

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If you are stuck on a color for your front door, take inspiration from the natural surroundings of your home. Blue, green, brown, and other tones found in nature will look great on your home. Using natural or earth tone colors has the added benefit of making your home appear to be placed.

Use One Color

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This trick is for you if you have a small place. Decorate the trim, windows, door, and exterior the same color to visibly broaden your home. A monochromatic color scheme also gives a neutral backdrop for accents like the planter boxes and sconces around this country house front door to stand out. Color can also be used to draw attention to other architectural details. Columns in a dark color shade frame the front door here.

Don’ts In Choosing Color For Your Front Door

Be Terrified To Experiment

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Several people are afraid to use bright colors in their home decor. A splash of orange, yellow, or lime green on your front door makes a strong statement. If bold colors are too much for you, try a darker version of the same color, such as burgundy or forest green.

Disregard Storm Door

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You can paint the frame of the storm or screen door on your front door in a contrasting color to provide an additional pop of color.

Choose Color Randomly

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You must see a paint color in its intended environment to fully comprehend how it will appear. Colors can appear very different depending on the lighting. Put a paint swatch on your exterior door and evaluate it throughout the day. Paint a small swatch directly on the door to get a better idea of how it will look.

Pass Over the Trim

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You should consider painting the trim around your front door. White is timeless, but contrasting trim can make the door stand out. For instance, rich brown hues can add warmth to a cool-colored door.

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