The Horror of Halloween Party Aftermath

We can all agree that October is one of the most interesting months of the year because of Halloween. People have been celebrating it for many years and the celebration approach has evolved a lot over the course of time. We just can’t get enough of the candies, the costumes, the horror and especially the parties during this holiday. Everyone always look forward to a fun spooky season party. If you are planning to host a Halloween party at your home, you should bear in mind that making your guests experience the best Halloween gathering is not the only responsibility you will face. Cleaning up odious byproducts before, during, and after a Halloween get-together can also be quite challenging. But do no fret! You and your friends can still rock your spooky costumes and enjoy the Halloween night with these few tips to clean up messes on Halloween.

Horrifying Costume Makeups and Paints.

Halloween is the one day a year when people, especially kids, can dress up whatever they want. Most people use makeup for their costumes and in a party, makeup stains can be your worst nightmare! In most cases, costume makeup is made with oil. Your sofa or carpet can end up getting stained—this is most likely to happen and you would need to have a strong stain remover. You can do home remedy to discard the tenacious stain spot by mixing a warm water and one teaspoon of detergent. Grab a clean cloth and dip it into the mixture. Blot the spot with the cloth. Do not rub it. Let the cloth absorb the stain. For wall greasepaint stains, get a degreaser available at your home such as a dishwashing liquid. Apply it on the stain and let it sit for a while before wiping it down. There are other items that can be used for heavier degreasing works but these commercial products may contain toxic solvents. You can always look for green cleaning alternatives.

The Ghosts of the Half-Eaten Candies.

Halloween is not all scary. It can also be sad. There would be half-eaten candies, crushed caramels, and unfinished sweets scattered on the floor after the party. I am not insinuating that you pick them all up and eat them—horrifying thought. These Halloween staple can be really sticky and hard to clean up. Using a metal sponge can cause further problems. The best way to deal with it is by soaking a rag in a hot water. Wring it out and dab it on the sticky nightmare like what you would do with a hot compress. Keep doing it until it is easy enough to pull the candy out of the floor. It will surely leave color stains hence, spray a rubbing alcohol on it.

Bloody Scenes.

Ever wonder how Dracula cleans up after his meal? He sure gets a hard time removing blood stains. Fake blood is also a big thing during Halloween. But they can also be a big problem during post-Halloween party cleanup. Fake blood is made of corn syrup mixed with red-colored dye. You are lucky if it falls on the floor. You can just simply dab the stain with a kitchen towel or a rag and apply a rubbing alcohol. Other degreaser can also do the work. If it accidently stained, say your carpet, try doing the process with the floor stain. But if you feel like stain is worse, you might want to seek the service of a professional cleaning company for stain removal on carpets.

Scary Pumpkin Residues.

What is Halloween without the infamous pumpkins? They have been a big part of the tradition throughout the years. Kids love to carve pumpkins turning them into the scariest Halloween decoration. Carving them can be grubby. Fortunately, you can bond with your kids in carving their pumpkin masterpieces without worrying about the mess it would make. Before the activity, lay down old newspaper or simple paper on the floor. The carved out insides of the pumpkin should fall down to the paper on the floor, making it easier for you to collect them after for trashing. On the other hand, use a wipe cleaner for the residues spilled over the table.

Mysteries of Halloween Emesis.

Vomiting in Halloween parties is in fact, inevitable. I mean, with the amount of candies present and excessive Jell-O intake, it is possible that you will be facing a messy situation. But cleaning the vomit mess shouldn’t be that of a big problem. For easy scrapping, you can use an instant absorber. It can turn a liquid mess into solid residue. You can also use alcohol and hydrogen-peroxide based products if there are residue stains or any foul odor.

If you are more than ready to be dealing with the kind of messes that a Halloween party would scare you, maybe it is time to start decorating your place and invite guests! If you do not have someone to help you with the aftermath, it is advisable to call for a cleaning service company so you wouldn’t worry about making your home look as fresh as it was before.

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