New Year’s Resolution for Your Home

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You might be thinking of going to the gym more often, cutting down carb intake, and spending less time on a dating app for the (new) year ahead as a New Year’s Resolution but have you ever made a resolution that involves your home? I think not. Maybe it is time we actually do what we promise to do in the New Year and it should include improving your home around your lifestyle. Keeping your den clean all year is one hell of a pledge. But it is quite easy, you see. Just make it a habit.

Here we are going to discuss some of the best resolutions for your home that will surely leave your space clean as a whistle!

Starting the year, clean the space you utilize more. Decide which area in your home is the most lived-in. You spend more active time in the living room for example — so gather all the items in this space and evaluate whether each item is for keep or bye, Felicia! You can either trash them out or donate them to friends or institutions.

Patronize the rule “One thing in, one thing out.” You do not need a lot of items in your home. Never fill your storage with the same item if you are not going to it anytime soon. Make sure to finish every existing item first before adding new items up. Get the idea of making the most out of everything at your home; be it a cooking oil on its last drops or the last dying embers of a candle. Use what you have before purchasing more. This will help you waste and consume less. Voila! Habit change.

The flat surfaces are usually the haven of clutter. We tend to place almost everything on flat surfaces even if they belong somewhere else. Talk about desks, dressers, countertops, and coffee tables. At the start of the year, clear the surfaces off and free yourself from stress of the eyesore it gives.

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Admit it, we like to toss our clothes on the nearest chair do deal with it later (we say). Make it habit to put them away, especially when you are hitting the sack. If you are the type of person who does not repeat clothes, put them away in your laundry basket at once. If you feel like your clothes are still clean and are still good for your next activity, hang them neatly to a designated closet for repeat clothes. Do not just put the rest on a storage or shelf. Take the extra time to fold them. Do this frequently and acquire the ingrained habit quicker. If you do not have closets for your clothes, there a lot of brilliant ideas you can copy for clothes storage.

Purchasing new items can create a pile of nonessential clutter. I mean, letting new items in your home is inevitable and the idea being unavoidable, let them have their proper space and do not place them where you feel like putting them.

Cleaning your room before leaving it is probably one of the most basic cleaning responsibility. Make your bed before anything else. Place your morning routine beauty products after using them in the bathroom. Some say the situation of your bedroom reflects your personality. You do not want to be perceived dirty, do you?

If you still have a lot of items at home after decluttering and you just cannot find any reason to let them go just yet, you might want to consider storing them in storage facilities. They will pick your items up and transport them to their storage facility. So much convenience for someone dealing with so much clutter.

There you go! So before you lie about doing exercise regularly or putting an end to your obsession with shoes, clean your home first. And make it a habit.

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