Let There Be Light

In a recent survey conducted by a real estate referral company in 2020, 450 out of a thousand real estate professional responders said that a listing with good lighting—especially those with decorative lightings—are most likely to sell, of course along with other important inspection aspects, unlike homes with lighting fixtures that are outmoded. Most homeowners choose to be tied down by a single dimmer switch rather than surrounding their household with warmth.

If you are planning on selling, it is important to know that good lighting is imperative. Potential buyers can be so technical sometimes but they do not overlook the overall appearance and mood of a space given off by the room’s lighting and listings can get sold just by this particular aspect.

Here are some ways to make your home more appealing through lighting for quick sale or just plain ambiance improvement.

Unblock Natural Light

Although using blinds and other window treatments can be of great help with your home’s cooling and heating, they can inhibit natural light from infiltrating your home, it can somehow appear outdated to potential buyers. Control natural light like using electrical lighting. Remove any type of window covering such as drapes or valances. Or trim down some shrub obstructions outside. Natural light gives off a certain drama and art into a home’s space.

Another best way to achieve getting a radiant room through utilization of natural light is replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones. You can never go wrong with windows that are energy efficient. While they allow natural light to pass through, they are also great temperature regulators. So whether you are selling or just want to save from energy bills, they are the best!

Lighting Assignment

Like the functions of stage lighting in a play, it is also important to know the best lighting situation to do in a specific area in your home. Studies have shown that visibility affects the ability of an audience to understand a spoken speech in a play. So if the lighting designer was not able to make the audience see the actors, the audience would not be able to clench the emotions in a particular or the whole scene. In a home, a seller or homeowner should be able to understand the light needed for a certain space and put the proper mood for it through correct lighting techniques.

Light Layering

Again, mood is one important facet in making an impression for your home. And to create your desired atmospheric effect, consider layering light. First, the general or ambient layer—which is probably the most basic one. We are talking about general illumination such as flushmount, recessed lighting, and any other light fixture. Basically, when a light switch is flipped on, ambient lighting illuminates the space. Ambient lighting helps you see the entirety of the space creating a uniform light level throughout the room or space.

Next is the task lighting. Directed to a specific area of the room, task lighting specializes to light up a certain function: think vanity light in your bathroom to help with bathroom activities, lighting under the cabinet or cupboard countertop food preparation, and a side table lamp in your bedroom to accommodate reading.

Lastly, the accent lighting. It is simply the prettiest of all three layers as it is considered to be the jewelry lighting. They don’t have to be functional. They are basically decorative lights to make the space more appealing especially to home shoppers.

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