Guidelines for Selecting Proper Exterior Window Style

Nothing is more reassuring than relaxing in your house while taking in a beautiful vista with warm sunlight streaming in. Whether or not you realize it, windows are one of the best methods to bring the outside in and they let you establish a connection with your outer home for protection and security. Look at these 10 helpful suggestions for picking the best exterior window style for your home if you’re planning to replace your current windows or are developing your upcoming home.

1. Select windows that complement the architectural design of your house.

The first step in picking the proper windows is to select windows that complement the architectural design aesthetic that makes each home distinctive. Whether you live in a modern or contemporary house with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors or a traditional Tudor house with typical diamond-shaped mullions, both types of houses can have these elements. Adhere to the architectural design of your property for direction.

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2. Determine the function of your windows

While windows’ primary use is to allow light, they can also be fixed and ornamental for aesthetic reasons, or they can slide open to act as a gateway, such as a sliding glass window door for access to a porch. Consider the rooms that your windows will light as well as whether a view is necessary or whether light into a dark space, such as a pantry or closet, is more important. If a window is not possible, think about employing solar tubes that extend from the roof or a side wall to bring light into gloomy areas.

3. Colorful mullions and window frames

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Frames and mullions that provide color to your home’s façade are an option, depending on the color and architectural style of your house. Look for window producers who offer factory colors that are already infused into the frame material, whether your frames are made of wood or metal. Ask a paint expert what the best exterior paint to use for your application is if you decide to paint your mullions and frames and give the exterior of your home a makeover.

4. Selecting the ideal accent hues for your window frames

It might be difficult to decide on a color scheme for exterior paint. To obtain a feel of what colors are already present, go outside and the houses around. You should think about painting your window frames the same color as the trim on your house. The trim of many homes is painted in one accent color, and the window frames, doors, and garage doors in the other. The field color of many homes is white. For pre-selected color schemes that will save you time and the agony of choosing, check with your neighborhood paint or home improvement store!

5. Choosing the appropriate window for the required level of ventilation

Allowing ventilation and the flow of fresh air into and out of your room is one of the most important functions of a window. The kind of window will be determined by which kind best meets your demands. A lot of the rooms feature windows that can be opened or closed as needed. Fixed windows are utilized in rooms that have little or huge, expansive windows but cannot be opened. In general, both styles are combined in most residences.

6. Selecting windows that complement your interior design

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Even while your windows’ exterior aesthetics are significant, keep in mind how they affect the atmosphere within your house by enhancing the interior’s beauty and functionality. In public spaces, decide if the view calls for large picture windows that let in maximum light and view or if the function of the room calls for windows of different sizes and shapes. In bathrooms, look for windows that will let in light but not provide direct viewing angles from the outdoors (unless the view is obstructed, on a higher level than the ground, etc.).

7. Before picking windows, find out which way the sun will be shining.

Consider how your home sits in relation to the sun rising and setting if you are planning it with the help of an architect or contractor. Depending on where you live, you can experience the unwanted rising sun in your bedroom or too much late-day sunlight when watching television in your family room. This routine will assist in preventing your home from heating and cooling abnormally with the seasons, which will result in increased utility expenses.

8. Several operating windows for your particular application

The traditional sash window, which allows the moveable component of the window to move up, down, or left to right, is found in many residences. Both horizontal sliders and double-hung windows can move up and down. Apartments and older residences frequently include awning windows, which open at an angle and are hinged at the top or bottom. Hopper windows with a bottom hinge are typically used over windows or doorways and should be shielded from the elements by an outside eave.

9. Make your windows the centerpiece of your interior design

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Use window types, forms, colors, and details to play up your interiors if you have beautiful views to take advantage of or if your home’s architecture is distinctive. Multiple pieces of glass that are assembled to create bay windows, which are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and reading nooks, increase the amount of floor space within the house. To incorporate your interior elements, look to distinctive mullion designs.

10. Renovations to the windows are fantastic

While upgrading your kitchen or bathroom may be your first choice, don’t overlook repairing outdated windows. There is a bigger drive for energy-efficient assembly now that window brands are using innovative manufacturing techniques, which can help you cut your energy expenditures. For the purchase of energy-efficient windows to replace older ones, many jurisdictions offer income tax benefits. Therefore, don’t dismiss window replacement as a crucial home improvement project.

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