Fundamentals of Becoming a Good Homeowner

Regardless of whether you believe you are currently residing in a transformation house or your forever home, there are things you should do on a regular basis to make sure that you are a good homeowner. As part of your home care routine, there are some things you could perhaps do on a regular basis. A few are necessary for the safety of your home and family, while others are simply a good idea to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your home.

Monthly and Seasonal Maintenance Schedules.

Assess Vents and Filters

  • Cleaning/replacing your furnace filter/inspecting your AC filter for debris;
  • Ensuring that the dryer emission is clear and important to remind everybody who does laundry to wash the in-machine filter after each use.
  • Monitoring the cleanliness and functionality of your bathroom and kitchen exhaust vents and filters;
  • Vacuum dust from all ventilation systems in your home to prevent breathing in dust when the air is circulated.
  • Review the other external air vents beyond the dryer for debris, snow, or other obstructions.

Inspect Drains and Faucets

  • Depending on how hard your water is, mineral deposits can clog showerheads and faucets, so maintaining them clean will ensure that they operate smoothly.
  • Examine drains in showers, sinks, and tubs for blockages: a hunk of hair can cause a lot of harm if not removed! If you have a jet tub in your bathroom, make sure all of the jets are clean and functional.

Keep the Pool Maintained

When in use—which can be all year or just a few months in the summer depending on where you live sure that all of your pool and/or spa’s systems, which include heater, filters, and so on, are working properly. Proper maintenance will help you save a lot of money over the long term.

Annual Maintenance Schedules

Check on Door and Window Drafts

Checking and repairing or replacing caulking and seasonal changes stripping around doors and windows can go a long way toward preventing drafts and preventing losing all of your heat or air conditioning—and the associated costs—to the outdoors! If you want to cross this out of the list, the best way to completely avoid having drafts is to replace windows with energy-efficient ones.

Do Not Let Water Infiltrate

If you live in a flood-prone area, make sure your sump pump is in good working order, and if you do not even have one, get one with a backup battery! Simply add water to it to ensure that the sump is operational and then go outside just to ensure that it is depleting. It only takes a blackout to turn a bad storm into a flooded basement! Check the foundation seams as well to ensure you are not on the verge of a leak.

Evaluate Your Appliances

While the heating system and air conditioner are probably serviced on a regular basis, how frequently do you check and clean the fridge coils or check the drainage hose from your sink or clothes washer? All of your devices can be kept in good condition for longer if they are inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.

Check On the Roof

Photo: Adrien Olichon from Pexels

Whatever you are looking for are textures that are peeling or lifting up, allowing snow, water, and ice to flow into your home and cause severe damage to the interior. This is also a great time to inspect the siding or brickwork in your home to ensure that it is in good condition.

Mend Driveway with Cracks

If you have a driveway, repair any cracks or have it resealed to ensure that it is in good condition in the long run.

Inspect Wood Aspects

Wooden stairs, decks, and railings can rot over time, so inspecting them on a regular basis to ensure that they are not starting to come loose is a good idea for everyone’s protection.

Manage Internal Projects

Photo: Rahul Shah from Pexels

If you have been implying cleaning out and rearranging the basement, garage, or all of the cabinets in the house, it is a great idea to revisit those certain projects at least once a year. Or else, it can become overpowering to delve into, and you may never do so! Having an area for all of your belongings is critical to maintaining a tidy and clean-living area for everyone.

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