Decluttering 101

Some days you just do not want to invite your friends over because you feel like your place is too untidy, filled with things. There are also times that you would see your home as overwhelmingly crowded. Maybe it is time to declutter. Remove all the unnecessary things that is inhibiting you from hosting a Friday night gathering or just enjoying the company of a well-organized, simple, and spacious home on a regular day. Well, it may seem easy to just get rid of all the nonessential stuff. Decluttering is a project of very great extent—a fairly big job. Not to mention the vigor needed for specific areas to do the job.

You do not want to be late in preparing your family’s dinner, go to the supermarket, or miss an episode of your favorite TV series because you are stuck with the decluttering homework. It can be overly demanding thus taking some of your time that is allotted for other house chores and activities. But in order to make decluttering easier, the perfect technique is to do it in several stages. You have to focus on a certain room or space first, finishing it, and moving forward to the next.

Determining the Purpose

Decluttering does not always mean throwing stuff out. Some things that have snuck out of their assigned setting should just be put back to where it belongs like a wine glass in your bathroom. A figurine that has a sentimental worth which you have found in your room can be cleaned and be placed in your personal corner as a display. Glass, paper, and plastic can be recycled. And finally, things that you feel like can be given away to organizations which will be donated to the people wanting or needing them.

Bring out containers before initiating. Make sure to prepare them beforehand NOT DURING the work. Each container—can be a basket, a large box, or a bin—will contain things to be decluttered categorized for specific purposes such as recycling, mending, putting away, throwing out, donating, or any other ground you have in mind.

Living Room

Keeping a living room tidy every day can be quite a struggle for most household as most living rooms do not have much space available for storing things. Sure, a living room can have a cabinet for television set and a side table but they just do not hide that much. It is best to determine the best storage for things that are used very often. These items can be books or TV remote control. Remove all things from the TV console, side tables, and bookcases. Once you have emptied them, find out which items are not on their proper storage or designated spots and put them in your bin specifically for Put Away items. Get rid of the wire madness from your television and other electronics in the space. To make it look more organized, you may want to label the cables, get them off the floor, pinch them together with a clip or cable ties to avoid eyesore. There could be toys around this space so determine whether the toys are still being played by your kids or they can go straight into that donation container you prepared.


For most parts of the decluttering work in your kitchen, you would probably just be able to fill the Put Away container. But like the living room, the kitchen can be quite a challenge to keep clean on a daily basis as cooking and eating happen here. You might want to start off with the areas where there are more stored items such as the pantry. Remove all trash such as an empty bottle of ketchup and long-expired items. Next go through specific category of items like utensils or glassware. Place them back to their proper storage areas. Proceed with the other zones including the drawers, the area under your sink, and lower cabinets.


Bathroom can also be a haven of mess. From expired medications to vanity products such as makeup or skincare items sneaking out of their designated site. Trash items that you will no longer use and put those that remain back in your vanity or medicine cabinet. For the items that you frequently use like toothpaste or a moisturizer, store them properly where you can easily see it when needed. Moving forward, empty cabinet drawers and discard unnecessary items through evaluation and put the rest back into the drawer.


If you want to set a sight on an entirely clutter-free bedroom, start with your bed. Never come out of your bed without making it first. That is one of the most important part of the decluttering a bedroom. Next, go through bedside table. They usually support items such as an alarm clock, table lamp, eyeglasses, medicine, books, or your mobile phone which are all useful during the night. Put away books that you have finished, an empty glass of drink which you had the night before, or unneeded items which could just add up to the weight and take space. Get one of your bins where you can put clothing that need to be hanged or folded. Evaluate what items do not fancy your fashion taste buds and those which do not fit anymore so you could donate them. Fold the ones that you are going to keep and put them in drawers properly.

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