Change is Knocking!

Have you ever wondered how your doors and windows are holding up? The weather can be so unpredictable nowadays. Today it is humid, tomorrow it is freezing. You might be satisfied with the kind of performance your doors and windows are doing but it is better to assess their condition as early as now until it is too late.

Whether you are looking to get them doing the job properly or planning to sell your property in the coming years especially because efficient doors and windows add up to the value of your home; it is important to check on your doors and windows on a regular basis.

One question we might have in our minds is how frequent should we replace our doors and windows. Although we do not have an exact answer to that, get this: our homes are just like humans — they age. As our home ages, so does everything in and out of it. From time to time, you would encounter repair or replacement project in your home. And oftentimes, doors and windows are involved. Some signs are not just so obvious, that is why regular check-up is recommended.

To help you with the million dollar question “When should I replace my doors and windows?”, here are some sign guides to make you move forward.


Make a statement

While the curb appeal of your home includes many elements, the front door will always be the one that captures the bulk of the attention first. It somehow makes an impression. So if you have any plans of selling your home anytime soon, consider replacing your door with something that is not old-fashioned or outdated. Pick the right color and style that will match the entirety of the exterior design of your house. Make time to choose the best door knocker that adds a statement.

The cold does bother me

If you feel a current of cold air coming into the house, assess your door properly. During a long period of time, chinks may occur between the door and frame admitting draft. You do not want to cover gaps up with just tape or towel to inhibit the air from coming in. Get a new door as soon as possible as this will also help you lessen utility costs in the long term.

Crack on!

The common causes of door cracks, warps, and other door problems are winter seasons and extreme weather conditions. A weather-beaten door usually loses its spark and end up performing less than it should do. Word to the wise, if you have got a weathered or cracked door, it is best to get a new one at once to avoid further incident that may occur.


The bills turned me off

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Try to understand the function of the kind of windows you have at home. Most outdated homes utilize single-pane windows with improper insulation. The lack on insulation in windows may cause your HVAC system to put more effort into doing its job. The best solution to this is replacing your windows. Make a choice from a range of energy-efficient windows out there. These windows will definitely help you save money!

Open to change

Over time, dust and dirt will be accumulated in parts of your windows sometimes causing you to have a hard time closing and opening them. Clean them regularly but poor operation can also be caused by a situation that may occur in the window’s roller system. If this is something that you cannot handle or deal with, maybe it is time to replace the windows.

Are you seeing this?

Photo by Golnar sabzpoush rashidi from Pexels

If your windows are showing visible damage, it is time to replace them! Common problem you would encounter with window frames are cracking and decaying. If they also show moisture on the panels and condensation is building up between the panes, I’m telling you it is best to get new ones.

Just feel like upgrading

I do not know about you, but I think windows are one of the most important facets of your home. Sometimes they just do not go well with the design of your exterior. So if you have the budget for just mere replacement, why not. Upgrade your curb appeal by opting for modern-designed windows that are also energy-efficient. An updated look will also add worth to your home especially if you are selling.

The question now, is it worth-it to replace windows and doors? The answer, without reservation, is an ABSOLUTE YES! New windows and doors do not just increase your home’s overall value, you are also guaranteed to save money on energy costs. Replacing them all at once will help you achieve a cohesive exterior design thus, achieving your curb appeal goal.

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